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What You'll Learn

Love and need your sleep? We’re with you. Taught by Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant and Gentle Sleep Coach, Jennifer D., we’ll unpack what newborn sleep really looks like. You’ll not only walk away with suggested schedule options, you’ll also learn the components of a safe and sleep-conducive environment and how to identify your baby’s sleep cues. We’ll also cover strategies – like soothing techniques — to help you feel better prepared for those (totally normal!) middle of the night wakings.

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Establishing Healthy Newborn Sleep

Navigate through the world of sleep schedules, sound machines, soothing techniques, and more with this introductory course. Our Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant will cover what you need to know and what to avoid.

Soothing Techniques Preview Image
Soothing Techniques
The 5 S's Preview Image
The 5 S's
Sleep and Wake Schedule Preview Image
Sleep and Wake Schedule
Infant Sleep Averages Preview Image
Infant Sleep Averages
Sleep Expectations at 2 Weeks and 3 Months Preview Image
Sleep Expectations at 2 Weeks and 3 Months
Bedtime Routine Checklist Preview Image
Bedtime Routine Checklist
Baby Sleep Milestones Preview Image
Baby Sleep Milestones
Baby Sleep Cues Review Preview Image
Baby Sleep Cues Review

Newborn Sleep Challenges

Understand the most common newborn sleep challenges including day-and-night confusion, early wakings, illness, travel, and more. Our Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant will review sleep cues, teach you what causes issues to arise, and what you can do to help get your sleep back on track.

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As a Tinyhood member, you can book a private consultation with me via phone, video, or text.

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