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Life as a New Parent:

Practicing self-care and adjusting to the new normal

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About this Class

(39 ratings)

Congratulations, you’ve had a baby. Now what? With all of our focus on learning how to take care of a new infant, it is easy to forgo one of motherhood’s most critical requirements for survival: self-care. Join a childbirth educator and early parenting group facilitator to discuss ways to protect one’s mental, physical, and emotional well-being -- all while managing a shift in identity as a new parent. This class is tailored for new moms with babies 0-3 months, but all parents are welcome.

What You'll Learn

  • + Recovering from post-delivery aches & pains
  • + Physical changes after baby: pelvic floor health, your appetite, hair loss, and more
  • + Understanding mental and emotional changes: hormones, perinatal emotional complications, and more
  • + Managing expectations with your newly expanded family and knowing when to ask for help
  • + Troubleshooting areas of conflict with partner, family, friends, and work
  • + Returning to work and adjusting to new schedules

What you get

  • + Class recording for anytime, anywhere video access
  • + Answers to real parents' questions from a Childbirth Educator
  • + Discounted access to work privately with the instructor