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Online Classes

What are Tinyhood's online parenting classes?

Tinyhood's online parenting classes are led by top-vetted experts in toddler behavior, sleep, nutrition, breastfeeding, and more. We give you trusted advice on everything you need to know in the early years of parenting!

How long are the classes?

Classes vary in length depending on the topic and can range from ten minutes to one hour.

Do I have to watch the class in a specific time?

You're busy, we get it - we're parents too! You can watch the class anytime, anywhere from an internet-connected device. Our classes never expire. Watch the class all at once or in segments - whatever you prefer.


What is Tinyhood All-Access?

All-Access gives you the ability to watch all of the classes in Tinyhood's library, anytime, as many times as you wish.

How can I get all-access?

You can get all-access by purchasing a subscription here.

Will I get access to new classes that are released?

Yes, you will have first access to all new classes as they are released.

Will I be automatically charged for my membership?

You will be charged on the date you purchase your subscription and then will be charged on a monthly basis for your membership.

Is there a limit to how many classes I can watch or how many times I can watch a class?

No limit ! You can watch as many classes as you would like, as many times as you would like.

Can I cancel my membership?

Yes, you can cancel your membership at anytime but submitting a request here.


What is Tinyhood Experts?

Parenting brings questions. With Tinyhood, you can have access to message vetted and parent-approved experts on topics ranging from Breastfeeding and Sleep to Potty Training and Nutrition to get all of your parenting questions answered.

Why Tinyhood Experts?

Now you can private message with parenting experts from your phone or computer, and get the help you need, when you need it most. • We Are Certified Our parenting experts hold top certifications in their fields and have a successful track-record of helping other moms. • We Are On-Demand Get the personalized answers you need, more conveniently than waiting days or weeks for a class, group meet-up, or booked appointment. • We Are Here For You We understand that each situation is unique and will never force a one-size-fits-all philosophy on you. We are here to help and listen.

What kind of parenting issues do you help with?

Our top vetted experts are ready to help answer a variety of parenting questions. We have experts available in the following topics: • Breastfeeding • Sleep • Pediatric Nutrition • Potty Training • Developmental Milestones • Behavior and Discipline • Baby and Kids Gear • Mom’s health and exercise • Pregnancy • Newborn Care

How do you find your experts?

All of our experts are carefully vetted by our team, ensuring we have the highest quality people in their fields here to help you. Before hiring, each expert’s resume is reviewed, the applicant is screened and interviewed. We look for experts who hold high credentials in their fields and have extensive experience working with families.

How much does it cost?

Our services are available on a per-chat basis. While most experts can charge upwards of $200 or more per session, it only costs $19 for you to receive unlimited chat support for 48 hours.

How do the chats work?

A chat provides you with 48 hours of unlimited messaging support with your expert. After signing up and purchasing a chat, your question will be sent to your expert for review. Your consultant will reply to you and begin an ongoing dialogue to help answer your questions. During your chat, you can send as many messages to your expert as you want. Experts typically check-in and reply on average 2-3 times a day.


What is Tinyhood Circle?

Tinyhood Circle is the only platform specifically designed for the unique needs of online parenting groups.

How much does Tinyhood Circle cost?

Tinyhood Circle is a FREE platform for hosting parenting groups.

How much control do moderators have?

Moderators have significant control over their group including the ability to manage membership, show/hide certain features, and customize preferences to fit their needs. To find out more detail about group membership and moderation, please Contact Us.

Why use Tinyhood Circle over other group platforms, like Facebook Groups?

Tinyhood Circle is the only platform specifically designed for the unique needs of online parenting groups. Specific features include but are not limited to:
Targeted Email Listservs - Parents choose how frequently they want to receive discussion summaries. Sub-Groups - Moderators have the ability to create subgroups for specific neighborhoods, topics, children’s ages, etc. Anonymous Posting -. Tinyhood offers parents the ability to post anonymously if they feel embarrassed or silly asking a specific question. This feature is unique to Tinyhood and can be turned on or off to fit the needs of your group. Widgets to SignUp from Website - Customized widgets are available to easily integrate your Tinyhood group into your site for maximum engagement of your members. Privacy - Tinyhood offers utmost privacy in its unique platform that only allows parents to join and participate in group discussion. Membership Fees - Tinyhood collects and manages membership fees

Is Tinyhood an app?

Yes, Tinyhood is an app and website which parents can access easily from their phones or computers.

Will members' email addresses be kept private?

Yes, all members' email addresses and personal information are kept private and will never be sold.

How can my group be migrated to Tinyhood?

We have worked with groups to make the transition to Tinyhood simple and easy. Groups can be fully migrated within days. Please contact us to find out more information on which migration option is best for your group.

What are other parents who have switched their groups to Tinyhood saying?

'When my mom group was using Facebook, I always felt that I was missing posts because Facebook shows my friends and family’s posts ahead of my group posts. Now all my mom group posts are in one place so I don’t worry about missing anything.'
'My mother’s group is so active that most of us are forced to hide the posts from our main news feed. I couldn’t remember to look at my mom group discussions. I am more engaged with my mom group on Tinyhood because I get emails alerting me to the posts and I know exactly where to find them.'
'I love that with Tinyhood, we get emails with the conversations that happened that day.'
'As a highschool teacher, we are encouraged to stay off of Facebook for privacy reasons and I know many of the others in my school have done the same. It is frustrating that I can’t be part of my mother’s group without being on Facebook! I appreciate the privacy Tinyhood offers because I know all of the other members of my group are parents too.'
'My group had been using a different platform for years and I was anxious about making the transition. Tinyhood made it a seamless process for us and we were completely transitioned within a couple days.'


What kind of breastfeeding issues do you help with?

Our top vetted lactation consultants are ready to help you with a variety of breastfeeding issues. The most common issues moms come to us with are: • Milk supply concerns • Baby’s latch concerns • Pain and soreness • Mastitis • Engorgement and clogged ducts

What if I want more than chat support?

We also offer both video and phone call breastfeeding support. Moms with babies struggling with latch issues find these packages particularly helpful as they enable our lactation consultants to see babies latch and provide live recommendations. Once you start chatting with your expert you can request to purchase a video or phone consult in addition to your chat.

Who are your Lactation Consultants?

Tinyhood's Lactation Consultants are all International Board Certified Lactation Consultants (IBCLCs). While we appreciate the work of CLCs, doulas and other lactation educators, we are committed to ensuring the highest level of support and expertise for our moms and therefore require the highest level certification for our lactation professionals.

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