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Caroline A.

Certified Child Sleep Consultant

Caroline is a certified Child Sleep Consultant. After experiencing challenges with her own first baby, solving them and then going on to help friends and acquaintances, she knew this was her calling. She is also a certified Oh Crap! Potty Training Consultant. She is an Army wife, fluent in both English and German, and also raises her kids bilingually.

Reviews of Caroline
  • Megha, Parent of 7 month old

    As a first-time mom it was very difficult for me to think about my son crying himself to sleep. I’m sure like many mothers the thought just tugs at your heartstrings. At almost 6 months old, I knew my son was ready and started to feel that I was in the way of him getting a good nights rest. After countless unsolicited advice from many other moms as well as the bottomless pit called Google – I finally found someone who could support me through the sleep training process. The Tinyhood app introduced me to Caroline. Beforehand, I had done my fair share of reading to try and educate myself on how to sleep train my son - and my husband being the “go with the flow” kind of guy that he is was ready to follow my lead. However, my lack of experience really made me emotional and anxious about the process. Caroline took time to listen to my questions and concerns, learned the details about my son, and created a plan that was perfect for him. She showed me a lot of empathy and patience when I felt discouraged and was a great ego-boost with every little win. She was speedy with her feedback and I truly felt like she cared about my son and his sleep. She kept me on track, didn’t let me quit, and because of that my son sleeps 12 hours a night AND has mastered naps! I am 100% certain I’ll be reaching out to her again in the future if needed and have already referred some friends