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Post-Holidays Healthy Eats

Kate T.
Registered Dietitian
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Did the holiday season do a number on your family's healthy eating habits? Have no fear, Team Tinyhood is here! Get yourself and your little ones back on track with a Q&A all about healthy eats. Registered Dietitian, Kate Thomas, will be here all day to answer your questions. Join us to learn more about sneaking vegetables and healthy snacks into your kiddos' diets.

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Picky eater?


My toddler isn't necessarily a picky eater, but refuses all green foods. Any tips?


Hi Danielle,

Funny how green always seems to be the color that is most offensive, right? It can be frustrating when you prepare a healthy meal for your tot and they refuse to eat it. However, kids learn best by exposure, which means let him/her refuse it! Continue to offer green foods, paired with other foods that your toddler will eat, on a regular basis. Ove time, that green food will become more normal, and your toddler may start to touch it, or sniff it, then maybe one day bring it to their mouth and next thing you know they’re munching on broccoli! Ok, maybe it isn’t that magic, but with patience, exposure does work. Also, the more often that you can serve your toddler the same foods that you or your family are eating the better. This allows your toddler to observe you and others eating the same foods on their plate, and the more likely he/she will become curious and try the food themselves. Kids learn best by example.

Also, try not to “force feed” your toddler. I think as parents we often resort to bribing, coaxing or begging, all in the name of trying to raise healthy kids! But it is best to keep the meal times positive, and let your toddler “learn” at their own pace.

If you are interested in further reading on the topic, I highly recommend Ellyn Satter’s books.

Good luck and hang in there!

Weekend meal prep


I'm going back to work next week, and am dreading cooking! Any advice for getting on a weekend meal-prepping regiment?


Hi Angelica,

Great question! The thought of cooking dinner after a day of work can be exhausting in itself! I highly recommend setting aside time of the weekend to get yourself organized. Use your phone calendar, or and old school weekly meal planning grid, to write out what dinner will be each night of the week. Then make a shopping list based on the planned dinners. Next, identify which items on the list are going to take the longest to cook and prepare those in advance.

Here are some examples:
Burrito bowls – in advance cook the rice and chop some veggies. Sautee black beans with a diced onion and spices. Store all cooked foods in an airtight container in your fridge, and then the night off just warm everything up, layer in a bowl, top with salsa, guac and plain Greek yogurt (instead of sour cream) and serve!

Veggie Pasta – cook the pasta in advance, coat with a little olive oil and store in an airtight container. The night of, steam a bag of frozen broccoli, add to the pasta, top with a marinara sauce and warm!

On the weekend, you can also pre-cook some proteins, such as bake a few chicken breasts, which could be added to either of the above recipes, or used in a sandwich for lunch.

I also recommend keeping a small whiteboard on your fridge where you list the dinners for each night. That way there are no questions, and someone else could start the cooking for you if home first. :)

“Meal prepping” doesn’t mean you have to have 5 gorgeous meals pre-made on the weekend. To me, it’s more about just being prepared for the week and minimizing time in the kitchen at night!