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Breastfeeding 101

Dana C.
Lactation Consultant
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New to breastfeeding and need some one-on-one guidance? We've all been there! All topics are on the table in today's Q&A. Led by Tinyhood Lactation Consultant, Dana Czuczka.

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I've been breastfeeding for about 2 weeks now. My nipples are cracked, bleeding, and in LOTS of pain. Is this normal?


Hi, Bryle! Congrats on new baby! Sorry you are in so much pain! Sore nipples can be normal the first week or so but "pain" and cracking is NOT normal. This usually signals a shallow latch. Some recommendations:

1. Let's try and get a deeper latch...think about lining your nipple up with baby's upper lip instead of nipple to baby's mouth. Be patient and wait until baby opens mouth wide (like a yawn) and then guide baby to breast. Think baby to mom versus mom to baby. If baby latches and it's hurting, try to ease baby's mouth deeper by putting your index finger on babe's chin and gently pulling wider.

2. If baby's latch looks good from outside but is still painful, I would recommend having baby's doctor examine baby's mouth to rule out a tongue tie.

3. If latching is too painful, you may want to consider pumping for 24-48 hours to take a break to allow your nipples to heal + protect your milk supply + get milk for babe.

4. Consider making appointment with a local IBCLC (lactation consultant) so they can observe a feeding and help get a more comfortable latch. Take a look at this guide to help identify someone certified/local:

Good luck! Hang in there. It gets easier.


How long... ?


I'm about a month into breastfeeding, and still haven't gotten the hang of it. How long is each session supposed to last?


HI, Julia -- the beginning can be tough! Hang in there. Hard to pinpoint an exact time, but generally each feed could be 20-50 minutes? And, they are never the exact same. The morning feeds may be shorter because your breasts are likely fuller. And evening sessions can run long and frequent (because baby is "cluster feeding"). What are your typical sessions like?